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Garage Door Installation in Van Nuys

Metal Garage Door & Gats has served Van Nuys and the San Fernando Valley since 2002 and look forward to having you become part of the Metal Garage Door family. When you need a new garage door, we are here to help you pick the perfect door to accentuate your home, and stay within your budget.

It doesn't matter what style, size, or age your house is - picking the right garage door will make your home stand out and quickly update your look. Whether you are building a new house, modernizing your family home, or giving your property a facelift before selling, you have our commitment to fair pricing, trustworthy service, high quality standards, and fast response times

Benefits of a new garage door:

- Increase your home value - A new garage door provides a great return on your investment.

- Increase family safety and security - Your new garage door will make it harder for criminals to get into your home.

- Save Money - Old garage doors leak hot/cold air, which costs you money! Insulated garage doors pay for themselves.

- Beautify property - Garage doors are very large, so an updated style can easily give your home a whole new look.

Our large selection of garage door styles includes: modern, contemporary, carriage house, raised panel, and custom doors. Our designers will help you pick a door and customize it from our selection of colors, materials, window options, insulation, and trim that will match your house. Before you know it, you will have a garage door that is a unique and perfect reflection of you.

Our knowledgeable phone operators are available to schedule a free, in-home estimate with one of our experienced designers!

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Garage Door Repair in Van Nuys

When would be a good time for your garage door to stop working? Metal Garage Door & Gates knows it is NEVER a good or convenient time for your garage door to break. Our job is to handle all of your garage repair needs the right way, the first time, and to be available 24/7 for emergency service. We carry a wide selection of reliable replacement parts, so your garage will be fixed quickly.

What's with your garage door?

Problem #1: Garage door is stuck in an OPEN position!

Metal Garage Door Response: Your home, vehicles and property are susceptible to burglars and the variable outdoor weather of Van Nuys. your garage door may fall and cause serious injury to people, pets or property. This is an emergency situation that should be repaired immediately by trained professionals. Metal Garage Door & Gate offers 24/7 emergency services for just this kind of situation.

Problem #2: Garage door is stuck in a CLOSED position!

Metal Garage Door Response: You may not be able to get your car out for work or in an emergency. If your vehicle is stuck outside of the garage, you may have to leave it out in the elements. You might also be unable to access your possessions or workspace. This is an urgent situation that Metal Garage Door & Gates should fix as soon as possible, so you can get back to normal life.

Problem #3: Garage door malfunctions or makes unusual noises!

Metal Garage Door Response: The condition will likely get worse, and it can become dangerous to people, pets or valuables. As the situation deteriorates, the cost to repair your garage door and the risk it poses will go up. Call Metal Garage Door and Gates to find out what your repair options are.

Metal Garage Door & Gates' technicians are chosen for their specialized skills, reliability and professionalism. Proper repair and maintenance by our technicians will increase the life of your garage door, protect your family, home and valuables, and avoid injuries caused by broken doors or equipment. We will maintain, replace, refurbish and troubleshoot the complex mechanical, moving, high tension and aesthetic parts of your garage door. Metal Garage Doortechnicians work on all brands of garage door equipment and provide complete service to fix your garage door rollers, tracks, opener, panels, springs, remotes, belt, chain, windows, seals, sensor, or any other malfunctioning part.

Call Metal Garage Door & Gates now for expert 24/7 emergency garage door repairs and maintenance service in Van Nuys.

Gate Installation & Repair in Van Nuys

If you are looking for a new gate or repair service in Van Nuys, you've come to the right place. Since 2002, we have made a promise to all of our valued customers: We will deliver top quality products, comprehensive service, and fair prices in a timely manner. We carry a remarkable selection of handcrafted electric, walk-through, and manual gates to exceed your style expectations and work within your budget requirements.

Why should you gate your property?

1) Protect your home from burglars, solicitors and wild animals.

2) Keep your children and pets safe.

3) Control access to your property.

4) Increase your home's curb appeal and your property value.

5) Add privacy and security for your family.

6) Keep neighborhood animals out of your yard.

7) Define your property line.

8) Make your home more noticeable.

Do you already have a gate?

Metal Garage Door & Gates' skilled technicians will also provide regular maintenance, aesthetic updates, troubleshooting, and repairs on your existing gate's components. We work on all brands of gate and parts, including doors, hinges, tracks, keypad entry systems, motors, wheels, belts, chains or fences. Our speedy response time make us the top choice for gate maintenance and repair in Van Nuys.

Call our helpful and knowledgeable gate specialists to schedule your free in-home quote or timely repair service!

Gate Installation & Repair in Van Nuys
Gate Installation & Repair in Van Nuys