Frank is our Gate and Garage Door Repair Specialist. Frank has helped grow our company immeasurably since joining us in 2007. As one of our two senior technician’s, he holds a vast amount of knowledge in his field, he excels in garage door repair as well as gate and fence repair. Frank is our jack of all trades, coupled with an uncanny skill set he is one of our best and brightest. Frank is the true brawn of our company and is considered a workhorse within our team for his gritty work ethic, showing time and time again he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.


Mitch is one of our Garage Door Repair specialists and has been with us for nearly 4 years. Coming from New York where he worked at other reputable companies servicing garage doors and gates Mitch came to us.. Mitch relocated to Los Angeles and has been an integral part of our team ever since.


Bob has been with the company for over 7 years and possesses a near encyclopedic data base of information pertaining to garage doors repair or gates repair, while also performing garage door repairs and installations which are second to none. When we've encountered the occasional problem which seems insurmountable, Bob has been the difference between throwing our hands up in defeat and leaving a residence or business having just overcome the most difficult of jobs. It is not uncommon for returning customers to request Bob as the technician they wish to receive, and for this we feel very fortunate to have Bob among our ranks.


John is the C.E.O of Metal Garage Door Company and has been working in the industry for over 16 years. He is a specialist in garage door and gate repairs and has been at the helm of operations since the inception of the company. John strongly believes that a happy customer is a loyal customer and firmly sticks to that motto. Customer service is one of the most important philosophies of Metal Garage Door & Gate Repair and John makes sure it stays that way.