Garage Door Installation In Hollywood

Welcome to Metal Garage Door & Gates in Hollywood. We specialize in garage door installation in Hollywood, and provide all of our clients with only the best service and products.

It doesn't matter if you have a Hollywood Hills mansion or a Spanish style bungalow... your garage door is an important aesthetic and functional part of your home. A new garage door is also one of the top ways to add value to your house!

The right garage door will enhance the appearance of your house, add safety/security, and save on energy costs. Metal Garage Door & Gates carries a wide variety of door styles, from modern, to carriage house, to raised panel, to custom. We will help you chose from our endless variety of colors, materials, window options, insulation, and borders to make your new garage door your home and personal style.

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Garage Door Repair In Hollywood

Thank you for visiting Metal Garage Door & Gates in Hollywood. We are your exclusive stop for all of your emergency and non-emergency garage door repair needs.

Metal Garage Door & Gates is Hollywood's top garage door repair company because we are uniquely qualified to maintain the complex mechanical and moving parts in your garage door. Our professional repair service will extend the life of your garage door, safeguard your home and belongings, and avoid possible injury to your family. We serve all single and multi-family homes and apartments.

Time is critical when your garage door is not working correctly:

-If your garage door is stuck in an open position, your home, vehicles and valuables become vulnerable to theft and the elements.

-If your garage door is stuck in a closed position, you may be unable to leave for work, put your vehicle away, access your belongings, or get to your workspace.

-If your garage door is beginning to malfunction or make unusual noises, it will continue to deteriorate and can become dangerous when it finally breaks.

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Gate Installation & Repair In Hollywood

Thank you for visiting Metal Garage Door & Gates. We provide distinctive gate installation and repair in Hollywood.

The benefits of gating your property are extensive:

- Adds privacy and security.

- Protection from intruders, solicitors, and wild animals.

- Restricts access.

- Increased property value.

- Safety for children and pets.

- Shields your landscaping from neighborhood pets.

- Delineate property lines.

Our company provides you with a large selection of electric, walk-through, and manual gates and fences that will accentuate your home, neighborhood and lifestyle.

Metal Garage Door & Gates' experienced technicians also provide maintenance and repairs on all gate systems, including: doors, hinges, tracks, keypad entry, motors, wheels, and chains. Our prices are reasonable and our fast service times make us Hollywood's choice for gate installation and service.

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