Garage Door Installation In Glendale

Welcome to Metal Garage Door & Gates in Glendale. We specialize in garage door installation in Glendale and the east San Fernando Valley, where we give each of our clients the top-notch service and products that they deserve.

It doesn't matter what kind of house you have... a beautiful garage door shows your style and sets your house apart from all the rest.

Metal Garage Door & Gates technicians will help you for the right garage door that will accentuate your home, add safety/security, and save on your energy costs. Metal Garage Door & Gates carries many door styles, from modern, to carriage house, to raised panel, to custom. When you make the perfect selections from our endless variety of colors, materials, window options, insulation, and trims, your house will be uniquely and perfectly yours!

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Garage Door Repair In Glendale

Thank you for choosing Metal Garage Door & Gates in Glendale. We are here for all of your emergency and non-emergency garage door repair needs and carry wide selection of dependable replacement parts.

Metal Garage Door & Gates has been Glendale's trusted source for garage door repair for 10 years! We are uniquely qualified to maintain, replace, refurbish and troubleshoot the complex mechanical and moving parts in your garage door. Our professional repair service will extend the life of your garage door, protect your family, home and belongings, and avoid possible injury to your family. We work on all brands of garage door equipment for single and multi-family homes, apartments, and even commercial buildings. We provide a full range of services to quickly fix your garage door rollers, tracks, opener, panels, springs, remotes, belt, chain, sensor, or any other malfunctioning part.

What if your garage door is not working properly?

-If your garage door is stuck in an open position, your home, vehicles and property become susceptible to theft and the the outdoor environment.

-If your garage door is stuck in a closed position, you may be unable to leave for work or in an emergency, protect your vehicle, or access your possessions or work space.

-If your garage door is starting to malfunction, make unusual noises, or not operate normally, its condition will continue to deteriorate and can become dangerous to people, pets or possessions.

Call Metal Garage Door & Gates now for 24/7 emergency repair and garage door maintenance in and around Los Angeles.

Gate Installation & Repair In Glendale

Thank you for coming to Metal Garage Door & Gates, Glendale's full-service gate installation and repair company.

Choosing to gate your home or business carries many benefits:

- Additional privacy and security.

- Protection from burglars, solicitors, and animals.

- Variable restriction of access.

- Increased property value.

- Added safety for children and pets.

- Landscaping protection from animals.

- Delineates property lines.

-Increased curb appeal.

Our company will provide you with a large selection of electric, walk-through, and manual gates and fences to choose from, that will meet your needs, style, and budget.

Metal Garage Door & Gates' technicians also provide regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs on all types of gate systems. We have unmatched skill when your gate doors, hinges, tracks, keypad entry, motors, wheels, and belts, and chains need to be fixed. Our prices are reasonable and our immediate response times make us Glendale's choice for gate installation and service.

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