Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

Garage door springs are some of the most important components of garage door systems. These springs are what counterbalance the weight of the doors to make them easy to open and close. Thus, it is not only important that the springs are in good condition; they also need to have sufficient spring force to pull your garage door with. For any needs related to your garage door springs, you should trust only experts at Metal Garage Door and Gates for repair and replacement of your Garage Door Springs.

Different Types of Garage Doors Covered

Garage door springs come in different types. These include torsion springs and extension springs that also come in residential, commercial, and industrial types.

The most popular residential garage door torsion spring is the standard spring, which use one or two springs depending on the weight and size of your garage door. There is also the EZ-Set torsion spring, which is recommended for two-car garages. These are equipped with a center support bracket to accommodate the greater width of the garage door. There are also commercial type torsion springs that use linear, duplex, triplex, and mixed systems. these are designed to handle larger and heavier commercial and industrial doors.

Steel rolling door torsion springs and one-piece curtain door torsion springs are some of the other types you may also consider depending on your current installation. Extension springs, on the other hand, come in sectional types and one-piece types.

Full Garage Door Spring Servicing

At Metal Garage Door and Gates, We are certified, bonded and insured for Garage Door Spring repair and replacement. We are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to garage door springs, how they work, and how to make the springs work as efficiently as possible with your installation. If your garage door springs require maintenance, replacement, or repair, all you need to do is contact Metal Garage Door and Gates and we'll get your issues resolved in no time at all.

Expert Torsion Spring and Extension Spring Replacement

Whether you are using a torsion spring or extension spring, a garage door spring replacement can be a dangerous task. The danger comes mainly from the torque of a wound torsion spring and the stretch of an extension spring. Thus, only skilled professionals with a proper understanding of how garage door springs and weights work should undertake the task to avoid any accidents, or injury to an untrained technician. For safe, reliable, expert garage door spring replacement, trust only the experts at Metal Garage Door.

Extension Spring Replacement