Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of garage door I need?

Initially, we will ask you what kind of material you want your door to be made of, for example, wood, aluminum, metal, etc. After that, we will need the measurements of the space where your door or gate is going to fit. Traditionally, the standard door garage is around 7-feet tall, and the standard garage door opener will accommodate doors up to 6 inches taller, however, you always have the option to have one of our representatives visit your location and make sure you get what you need and to make sure it is installed professionally and safety. We recommend using Genie or Liftmaster Garage Doors for their reliability, durability, and performance.

Do my garage door springs need replacement?

Typically, Garage Door Springs can last you a very long time, in some cases as long as 20-30 years. There are a number of factors that can cause the springs to deteriorate faster than expected. Living near arid conditions, or salty-air conditions (near a beach) or salty ocean air. There have been customers that replace their springs every few years in these locations or upgraded to a corrosive-resistant replacement. Consult a professional in determining if you need new garage door lift springs. Make sure your springs haven’t developed rust on them and that there are no visible cracks or other imperfections.

I drove into my garage door without opening it, should I be concerned?

If your garage door appears to be working properly, chances are that everything should be ok. This is all depending on how hard you struck your door and how bent the door has become, if the tracks were bend, and if the opener was damaged. To find out if your door is damaged, cut the power to your opener, or release the safety release and raise the garage door a few inches and make sure the door is aligned properly. Proceed to raise the garage door a few inches until it is half way open. If the door is still leveled you may not need to replace your door. However exercising safety and caution is essential in maintaining a healthy garage door. So you may want us to inspect your door just to make sure there is no permanent damage to your door or system.

Can I use my garage door without the sensors?

U.S. law has banned the use of an automated garage door without safety/proximity sensors since 1992. The sensors must be fully operational for your garage door unit to function properly and safety.

Does my garage door needs replacement?

Is your door showing excessive wear or has damage hindering the safe operation or security of your location? Then it may be time to replace your garage door.  If you're also upgrading your property with renovations, a new garage door adds a lot of curb appeal and modernizes your home or business. If your garage door opener is giving you problems, or if you have any damaged parts, it may be time to ask a trained professional whether or not you need your garage door replaced. Contact XS Garage Doors and Gates for a consultation.

My spring broke, can I reuse the remainder of the spring?

We strongly recommend to never reuse the remainder of a spring that has broken or severely damaged. The spring broke due to very high tension and natural wear and tear of your garage door system. Reusing the old spring will distort the lifting power and upset the balance and alignment of your garage door and may cause the door to break and become unusable. It is highly advised to have a professional evaluate and recommend a viable solution to any garage door issue.

Why is my garage door opener making unusual sounds?

There is a ticking or clacking noise could be the the chain. The chain could have completely come off the teeth of your garage door opener. If everything seems to be normal it could be that the chain is very loose or very tight as well. Otherwise it can happen if something is wrong with the drive motor, or idler front. The majority of causes to this problem is the motor sprocket. If your opener is a screw drive unit, there may be something jammed in the fears or your unit requires maintenance.

Find out more information on your garage door opener: the name, of the company that produces it, the model, and the age of your opener is important information to have when contacting XS Garage Doors and Gates.