Tips on Maintaining your Garage door

An overhead garage door is usually the largest moving part of your home or business and is probably used every day as you commute to and from work. Without proper maintenance your garage door parts will eventually wear out and break down with everyday use, creating potential safety hazards and eventually cease operation.

There are several easy maintenance and inspection routines that a homeowner should perform that will ensure the safety and good working condition of the door.

When you notice a problem or damage, address it immediately before any further problems can occur or worsen. If there is a problem with the garage door, most homeowners usually assume that it stems from the garage door opener itself. Sometimes this is true, but it is important to also check your garage door tracks and springs.

When checking the garage door tracks, inspect the tracks for dents, damage or excessive wear, if there are any damaged areas pound them out with a rubber mallet or hammer. Next, examine the mounting brackets that secure the tracks to the wall. If they look loose, be sure to tighten the bolts that attach the brackets to the wall. If you believe this is beyond your abilities do not despair, as most homeowners do not know how to repair their garage doors by no fault of their own. Call the experienced technicians at XS Garage Doors and Gates at your earliest convenience.

If you notice that your garage door is not opening or closing properly, check to make sure that the tracks are properly aligned.This can be done by using a level. If you find that the tracks are not level then loosen the screws that attach the mounting brackets and carefully adjust the tracks. Also make sure your safety sensor(s) are properly aligned. This is usually defined by a steady red light when communication between the two sensors has correct line-of-sight.

Prevention is also important for the maintenance of your garage door. To prevent track damage or wear, be sure to clean the tracks on a regular basis. Use a heavy cleanser that can remove built up dirt and grime. You also want to apply a good lubricant on the rollers so the garage door can open and close smoothly. A Wd40 solution will work just fine, but be thorough and generous with the amount applied.

All of these maintenance practices will help to ensure the safe operation and prolong the life of your garage door. Do not forget to maintain your garage door tracks because you could be overlooking a very simple practice that can save you a headache as well as a few hundred bucks in the long run!