Things you should know about your Garage door!

Garage doors can be an important part in many people’s lives, whether you store your cars, furniture, valuables, or just rock out on your drums in your garage on those mid-summer mornings; a functional Garage door is essential to the security and keeping your well-being, safety, and peace of mind.

Most people do not know how to keep their garage door in good working order and sometimes fail to maintain it with the simplest of steps. So we decided to educate our customers on some basic steps you can take to have a functional, well maintained, and well preserved garage door functionality for any uses you may have for your garage.

1.) Clean! Clean! Clean!

A very important part of maintaining your garage door is to keep it relatively clean and free of debree. This is highly recommend if your door is wooden or sees frequent traffic, or if you just live in a salty weather climate (close to the beach and or a lake) is to keep your door clean! Wash the outside of it every 3-4 months and the inside every 6 months with a warm wash cloth or sponge and light soap.

2.) Safety Check!

Proper safety checks are easy and quick. Inspect your door for damage. Dents, dings, and even garage door opener noises, can be a prelude for problems to come. Inspect your garage door 3-4 times a year, or every 4 months. Make sure your springs, brackets, and rollers are in proper working condition at all times.

3.) Keep an eye out for those high tension areas!

If you take a close look at your garage door you will notice some areas that have tags, nuts, and bolts that are painted red. Be careful! These areas are high tension areas that are constantly under pressure, so tampering with them is not a good idea If you feel something might be wrong with these parts contact a professional or trained technician to inspect or repair these areas. Avoid trying to make these repairs yourself. You could be seriously injured or disfigured.

4.) Keep those Garage doors running smoothly!

Lubricate the garage doors springs, bearings, and hinges at least twice a year with a W-D40 or similar Silicone lubricating solutions. This will keep the garage door on its rollers, and operating smoothly. It is also not recommended that one oils the tracks of the garage door as it may cause the garage door to slip, causing extra damage to the garage door and its components.

5.) The most important part of a motorized garage door!

Under U.S. Federal law (UL 325) garage door openers manufactured for the United States since 1993 must include a secondary safety reversing system, such as a laser system that must be mounted no more than six inches above the ground, or an electric safety edge system mounted on the bottom of the door, which when contacted with an object or person reverses with about 15 pounds of pressure. If any of these systems falls into disrepair including the laser optics system, electric safety edge system or the motorized garage door opener, you or your loved ones may encounter serious injury so contact a trained professional to come and repair your system.

I hope you have learned a lot about properly maintaining your garage door, and the easy but effective steps that are needed in to maintain a healthy, maintained, and functional garage door! It’s easy, and the approximately one hour of time needed to spend on reviewing critical components can save you upwards of 2,000 dollars! ­­