Five Steps for Installing a Garage Door

How to install garage doors correctly and accurately is one of the most important activities as you complete renovations for your home. Or, if you've built an entirely new home from scratch, it could be the cherry on top of a very hard-earned and laborious sundae. Secure garage doors are essential for safety and, depending on where you live, keeping your automobiles and other belongings protected from Mother Nature. Keep these five garage door installer tips in mind for an easy setup.


Step 1: Checklist your tools.

How to install garage doors correctly is a completely hands-on task that requires diligent attention to detail and following instructions closely. Before you even think about getting to work, you should make sure you assemble all the necessary tools you'll need for the job. A sturdy hammer, plenty of nails and screws, a power screwdriver or drill and brackets are all essential, so do a quick check of your materials to ensure you've got everything you need before you get to work.

Step 2: Weather-strip the bottoms of the doors.

You won't have as easy a time accessing the doors once you've put them on their tracks, so first fasten the appropriate weather stripping to the bottom of it. If you're dealing with two doors, weather-strip them both at the same time. Once the bottoms are good to go, place doors in the doorway and drive a few nails into them to hold them in place while you prepare to build the retraction system around them.

Step 3: Assemble the curved tracks and install the rollers.

With the doors secure for the moment, begin to assemble all the tracks -- the vertical, horizontal and the curved ones -- according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then, install the rollers and brackets along either side of the door, but be sure to only complete one at a time. Get a little help propping the door onto the second set of rollers and repeat the process.

Step 4: Connect the hinges of each panel.

Now's the time to break out your power drill to attach the hinges of the first panel to the second. Next, install the third panel the same way as the first two, then do a quick check to ensure that the door is level. Here is where you should also be ensuring that your screws are as secure as they can be, since a moving garage door will put some heavy strain on them as the months go by.

Step 5: Install the other tracks and check the hangar.

Your vertical track has been secured, but now you have to install the horizontal and curved tracks, too, to ensure maximum security and movement. Once this is all complete, examine the track hangar to ensure it's been secured into the appropriate framing. Then, pull on your door manually and see if it opens with ease or if you have to do a little more tightening up.

Of course, this is a very involved process and it takes the skilled eyes and hands of a professional to ensure it's been accomplished properly. If you think you can perform how to install garage doors correctly and completely, more power to you. If not, you might want to consider making a call to a local company that handles garage door installations and repairs. You know, just in case.